This AGA Car Jump Starter and Battery Charger for Electronics and Mobile Devices is a truly wonderful kit to have on hand in a power outage! The main function of this battery pack is to be a car jump starter. And it does that well very well! The battery pack comes in a very nice package which holds all the components. This is the one thing that I truly like about this battery pack over the other offering from AGA Power. This package allows you to keep everything very organized and keep everything in one compact case. It works great and the flashlight is super bright on it. I highly recommend this device to anyone wanting the ultimate power source for ALL your power requirements.

The first AGA lithium jump battery I bought was very surprising.  I like the fact it can start a diesel engine, its compact design and the fact its all organized in a case. I can charge phones or run my laptop from the same battery with usb ports and dc power ports so it has the universal uses as well. It is FCC, CE, RHOS, UL certified is outstanding! AGA is American leading car charging brand that would stand behind the product. Be careful of the china imitation that could potentially burst into flames, buy something that has the proper certification to stay safe. I would recommend this and have bought this for family members. Purchase something with confidence.