Xenon Short Arc Starter Introduced

Xenon short arc starter, short arc Xenon lamp circuits and Starter see figure short arc Xenon lamp circuits and the initiator of 5[]. Start input DC voltage, oscillators and transformers into a certain frequency of the AC voltage, value of thousands of volts, then spark formation of blocking high-frequency voltage of the oscillator, and finally by high frequency tens of thousands of volts of high frequency voltage step-up transformer output with both ends of the Xenon lamp, and then under supply voltage, to cause the lamp to start light. Metal halide lamps metal halide lamp starter circuit and Starter see Figure 6 [metal halide lamp circuits and the Launcher]. Starter supply voltage (VAC) under the vibrator sparks oscillator high frequency transformers and output high frequency voltage, plus thousands of Volts at both ends of the lamp, and light in a interaction of supply voltage to start light. Different gas source can use a launcher of the same type, with a gas discharge light source can also use a different type of launcher.