Practical Classification Of Starter

In practice, often named after discharge lamp starter.

Fluorescent lamp starter, also known as the starter. Commonly used fluorescent lamp starters and fluorescent lamp circuits as shown in Figure 1 [starter of fluorescent lamp and fluorescent lamp circuit]. Fluorescent lamp Starter is a switch control components, can also be used instead of an ordinary switch. Another fluorescent lamp operating circuit shown in Figure 2 [no separate starter of fluorescent lamp circuit], each part of the circuit are indispensable in the fluorescent lamps the boot process.

High pressure mercury lamp starter, high pressure mercury lamp structure and circuit shown in Figure 3[high-pressure mercury lamp structure and circuit]. Starter by placing a light structure in the auxiliary electrode and current limiting resistors and so on.

Initiator for high pressure sodium lamps, high pressure sodium lamp circuit shown in Figure 4[and initiator of high pressure sodium lamp circuit and the Starter]. Starter under the effect of supply voltage to produce a peak of thousands of volts, width-microsecond pulse voltage added to both ends of the lamp, and then under the effect of supply voltage to cause the lamp to start light. When the lamp is lit after, due to the lower lamp voltage, starter stopped working.